Mission and Tasks for the IRI

The IRI mission statement:
The IRI is designed to focus and broaden the German-Russian research collaboration in large-scale research infrastructures.

The IRI will support the German and Russian scientific communities and research policy stakeholders in developing joint strategies and trend-setting thematic roadmaps for an intensified collaboration.

The IRI is to stimulate and propose tools and instruments for joint initiatives and projects.

Above all, the IRI will contribute to create a solid basis for mutual trust and respect in the general context of German-Russian cooperation. It may thus also serve as an instrument of science diplomacy.


Tasks of the IRI:

The IRI will support and contribute to propose and carry out

  • joint Russian-German calls for proposals
  • joint summer schools
  • joint scientific conferences
  • topical workshops
  • German-Russian travelling seminars for graduate students
  • PhD scholarships
  • establishment of common PhD programmes
  • EU-Russian projects under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020